photo shoot
with Jan von Holleben

€450,00 includes VAT

Get shot by Jan von Holleben!
Well, have your picture taken by him.

You and your family, from 1 to 5 people.
In his Studio in Berlin.
In his famous style – like in the series “dreams of flying”.
So you will be laying on the floor!

And the world around you?
Invent something together with Jan! There are no limits!
(Well, there are… he can’t bring you an alive pink elephant to the shoot, but I guess there is enough stuff in his studio to build one…)

– a phone call with Jan to discuss the first ideas
– 2 to 3 hours in the studio: the pinpointing of the idea, the building of the world around you, the shooting with you
– shooting of 1 to 3 pictures, depending on content and effort
– 1 to 3 beautiful digital files – for you to print in any size you want

Get for yourself or give as a present!
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