ABC Photography
by Jan von Holleben with text by Monte Packham

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46 pages
21×25 cm
full blown colour

Click! Snap! Ping!
You are a photographer. Everyone is a photographer. All you need is a camera and your eye. But what makes a wonderful photo? What can photos tell us? And what can we tell the world with photos? Photography is a story we’re all still writing.
And because every story is simply built from the twenty-six letters of the alphabet, here’s a little ABC of photography to help you on your way…

With this book you can enjoy magical, sweet, fun but also secretive, adventurous and dangerous photographs by these really good photographers:
Martin Parr, Wolfgang Tillmans, Nan Goldin, Alec Soth, 
Peter Lindbergh, Sarah Illenberger, Christopher Bucklow, Denis Darzacq, Thekla Ehling, 
Jason Evans
, Bela Borsodi, Doug Dubois, Sylvie Zijlmans, Achim Lippoth, Roger Ballen, 
John Maclean Neetha Madahar, Christoph Niemann, Bene Ochs, Simon Roberts, Julian Röder, Sebastião Salgado, Walter Schels, Robin Schwartz, Sascha Weidner, Tim Walker

A book by Jan von Holleben with text by Monte Peckham

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