die aprikose

During my last year of my degree at the Surrey Institute of Art and Design in Farnham/ UK,  I was invited to come up with a concept and make work for an exhibition at a Kunstverein near Freiburg. This was very exciting for me as a student , not only because they selected only one photographer each year to receive such honors (usually it was fine artists – remember this was 2002 when photography was institutionally not respected as an art form yet) but also I was able to show my homeys what I had learned and done all that time so far away in Britain.

I can’t really tell you anymore what the entire show was all about and what my highly artistic and conceptual thinking was supposed to give the audience, but my show, The Apricot, turned out to be the most controversial exhibition every displayed in the holy spaces of this Kunstverein. It split the curatorial team and its members in two even groups and still today they remember those fights over ‘what is contemporary photography’, ‘what is good photography’ and ‘what the fuck do these images in the world’?!


priv.view frm abve 2 right private view Madame left right wall (yellow elev.)