what’s your god’s surname?


In our multicultural world, children are bursting with questions about other religions. Photographer Jan von Holleben and author Jane Baer-Krause compiled over seventy questions about the most important things religions have in common and how they differ, without leaving out such tricky questions as “Are ‘Holy Wars’ good wars?”, “What happens after we die?” or “Is eating candy a sin?”. Jane Baer-Krause wrote the answers in collaboration with experts from all five religions and von Holleben created vivid, funny and smart visual illustrations to accompany and complete those answers in a most engaging way.

As a result of this creative project that took place this spring in Berlin over hundred pictures were composed and realised by the photographer and his crew of more than 80 school children from all sorts of different cultural backgrounds. The book called “What’s Your God’s surname? – Children asking questions about five world religions“ brings them all together and makes one thing clear to the readers: mutual acceptance is only possible, when we know more about each other.