These machines are saving the world.

We called the globe’s smartest kids for drafts and sketches for world saving machines, or inventions that would make life a little nicer and better. We received a huge amount of great and creative feedback and choose 15 ideas to be the best. Here is what we got (in no particular order!!!) with a brief explanation:

1. the tear transformer: a sad person sheds their tears into the machine. After processing, the machine sends creative thoughts and solutions into the person’s mind. (by Arthur)

2. the love machine: two angry people enter the machine at the bottom, walk up the stairs and love each other when they reach the top. (by Laura & Victoria)

3. the universal world protection machine: Earthlings can enter the machine from the left. The device will catapult them straight into space in order to protect the earth. (by Mataho)

4. the T-shirt and old paper into tree transformer machine: Fill the machine with all kinds of old T-Shirts and paper. The result will be fresh green trees to be planted straight away. (by Jacob)

5. the super global mobile lift: Use one of the hyper-super-speed-lifts to be transport within seconds (or longer depending on personal liking) from one spot on the planet to another via the center. (by Greta)

6. the school delivery robot: this specimen carries any school kid from home straight into school by safest means. (by Helena)

7. the stars sprinkler: this machine sprinkles very bright stars onto the sky for a more beautiful night. (by Yasmin)

8. the mobile medicine machine: this machine takes any kind of sick person and makes them well again. (by Monica)

9. the ice cream rucksack: your rucksack will be able to transform anything instantly into yummy ice cream for you (by Milena)

10. the fast feeding machine: Too lazy to make yourself some food? Then this machine will force feed you. (by Marinus)

11. the fume eating machine: This little robotic character loves eating from exhausts and de-materializes it. (by Josefine)

12. the evil to good transformer: Anything bad to put in will be good after processing. (by Linus)

13. the fixing everything machine: Have you broken something lately? This machine will fix it again. (by Oskar)

14. the don’t need – do need machine: Throw anything into this smart bin. Bio-degradable things will be composted and put straight back into the ground. The rest will be atomized and transformed back into its natural particles. (by Arya)

15. the anti unemployment machine: Enter it unemployed and you come out of this machine with an idea for a good job. (by Matteo)