the amazing analogue

Young imaginations take centre-stage in this work of inspiring, joyful and curious images.

German photographer Jan von Holleben collaborated with young people from Brighton & Hove and employed perspective, props and a box of tricks that owes much to the early film pioneers celebrated in Hove Museum’s extraordinary collection.

Exploring a mysterious archive of unidentified slides and negatives, Jan and his young team set out to discover what the strange images might depict, and constructed incredible machines that might help analyse them.

Von Holleben says: ‘Everything is possible (in my work) – we can fly to a distant universe, build machines that can otherwise only be dreamt of, see ghosts, or shrink ourselves to dwarf-size; there are no limits apart from our own responsibilities and skills. This is how we play photography.’

Modelling this project on early Hove film-makers such as George Albert Smith and James Williamson, Jan von Holleben created ambiguous images that change perceptions of reality and invite us to explore history repeating itself.