I spent 3 years in a relationship with a Christian man (me being a non-Christian man).
My understanding of the world welcomed our wishes without any doubt. In contrast his beliefs were very solid and did not properly conform to our living and loving situation, which made life very difficult for us both as our love was strong as well.

My partner and I were not able to understand each other in those critical yet vital aspects. We were also scared of the outcome of such discussions.
However, I was exposed to very beautiful and intriguing aspects of Christian spirituality which I had never experienced so intense and close to myself.

During that time I spent many hours with my closest friends in order to find solutions or explanations… or maybe just likeminded people.
‘The Prayers’ are images of my friends and family, including myself as the photographer, trying to understand and also trying to resolve the given issues. We tried to bridge gaps between our own beliefs and a very different belief in order to meet somewhere in the middle and maybe to come to a compromise.

‘The Prayers’ are dedicated to and photographed for this other man. They are now hanging in his apartment. Sadly this project didn’t work out the way I planned it, but it put me back in position to where I felt to belong.

Jan von Holleben, April 2007