Is the world that we live in anything else but a great, colourful big wonder that happens every day again and again?? It seems like that the only problem is that we can’t realise it so easily. And that is because it is far too big for us to comprehend. However we are somehow lucky after all as we have ‘wishes’ which help us to identify exactly the right wonders which we need for our own lives. Wishes help us to imagine the most amazing and wonderful things, which make us, in case they materialise, utterly happy! Until now we were simply missing a device to make wishes become reality. The problem: Wonders, who could possibly realise our wishes, happen with us being in the wrong place at the wrong time. We keep missing them. Here is THE solution. We introduce our first collection: WM01 – Our brand new range of ‘Wondermachines’ for nearly every possible wish. Each manufacture is initially handcrafted and then wonderfully mechanically produced in limited editions only. The various makes differ in design and standard. Each machine is compatible for an array of miracles and not two machines can create the same. Make a swift choice, pick the most applicable to your needs and order today. May the wonders be with you very soon!