lateral thinking


Being approached by the wonderful GEO magazine to think laterally is quite a challenge. And doing so with great thinkers and scientists does not make it easier – quite the opposite actually. I was invited to explore the facilities of the science-park Adlershof in Berlin and was given the opportunity to play with several of their hottest projects. Neither the radioactive particle accelerator nor the promising bioenergy of the blue algae nor the newly-invented acoustic cameras had any chance but to play along. We researched, developed and simply created concepts for the future. We even extended the story outside of the science park and then turned things upside down at home, in the supermarket and on the neighbourhood’s playground. I know that we left some supportive scientists confused; however, the work made total sense to me and the team. We might be understood in 50 years or so… which is when most great thinkers receive their acknowledgements.