out of nature


Jan and the gang of kids from his hometown Sasbach spent a week out in the nature. The Kaisestuhl, the Blackforrest and the Rhinemeadows lent themselves for long excursions, adventuorous climbs and funny encounters with the subjects they found. The essence of this project was to confront the group with nothing but what nature had on offer. According to biologist and nature philosopher: Children love and need nature. He condemns the fact that they are hardly exposed to it as a civilising catastrophe.

Andreas Weber: Alles fühlt.

Mensch, Natur und die Revolution der Lebenswissenschaften.

Berlin-Verlag, 352 Seiten, 9,90 Euro.

Die Biologie ist dabei, die seelischen Dimensionen der Natur zu entdecken – und ihre Bedeutung für die menschliche Psyche