Academic Research Project
at Fatamorgana – the Danish School of Art Photography, Copenhagen.

Theory and practice of the ‘homo ludens’ and the hermetic socio-personal learning aspect are central aspects of Jan von Holleben’s work. In this project, Jan introduced his students to a research experiment that would take them on a journey none of the participants could have possibly dreamt of when applying for his course. His challenge was to build a digital mega-high-tech-photosensitive device for a singular purpose:

Hyperdocumented discovery of human evolutionary rudiments in topofantastic pseudo-microbiotic habitats

Divided in specialized, yet interconnected research groups, the class plotted a representative number of specified locations on a super-subtropical industrial estate in Copenhagen. The unusual and innovative programme of Vertination had to be invented and applied in the process. Its outcome has been classified as symmetric and condensed synoptic luminosity with 100025,75 microdatalevels on a hyperscale of 35772990,00.

Due to extreme weather and gastronomic conditions during the week of fieldwork, visual results were captured at only eight of the plotted locations. Additional details are not released to this date pending government declassification.

Further research and extensive visual documentation shall be conducted in Berlin during Spring 2009. Steidl Publishers/Göttingen will publish a book with complete results in Autumn 2010.

Further Details
Time and place: 28th July – 2nd August 2008 in Copenhagen
Technical equipment and programmes: Captured with Nacno Ed5
Processed and vertined with Toshopoph 7