A world of objects contained within a framework; hung in the balance or turned upside-down like so much in our lives. Metaphor and allegory in conjunction with play produce a world with limitless possibilities. Bla bla. By creating this world the image can simultaneously encompass it and in that action encompass all human existence.

Splashes of red and yellow, blurred and hazy; hi-hi-hinting at that which is out of grasp. The figure inhabiting a space; another thread in a patchwork of connections that release the meaning inherent in all things. How best to explore past histories and changing personalities of a space; to experience them as one? What better place to begin than at the beginning, ha ha, before the existence of the subject. Reverberations tied together through the steady pulse of a Samba rhythm – tam tam – and nothing is being said – the world is saved!

Amuse La Hulling a.k.a. Sam Laughlin (Oct. 2011)