tree twisters

For a long time I have been dreaming to meet the tree-twisters. Never did I know where they are hiding.
When we were on La Gomera recently, we walked the entire island not thinking that anything else but beauty would be around us. On our last day in such paradise and before taking the ship homewards again, they suddenly appeared, taking me off guard. I was lucky to have my little camera on me, so I snapped them away. However, when back home in my studio, looking at the printed images, there was nothing else but trees on the images. The twisters were hiding again – I guess Berlin was to cold and unfamiliar. But as I knew that they were in the images, I played a little music and danced a little dance and – hey ho – they showed up again. They seem to like it here, so for now, as I am writing this, they are still around.