Wie heißt dein Gott eigentlich mit Nachnamen?


Hardcover 24,5×17,5cm, 175 Pages, over 100 images
Published by Thienemann Verlag 2015

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“Are ‘Holy Wars’ good wars?”, “What happens after we die?” or “Is eating candy a sin?” — In our multicultural world, children are bursting with questions about other religions. For this reason, in co-operation with the award-winning and popular web site religionen-entdecken.de, we have compiled over seventy questions about the most important things religions have in common and how they differ. Together with more than 80 children we then created vivid, funny and smart visual illustrations to accompany and complete the questions and answers. We realised this book in order to encourage children to keep on questioning things, while communicating with each other openly and respectfully.


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