Kinderlieder aus Deutschland und Europa



Title: Kosmos
Artist: Jan von Holleben
Design: Nina Holland and Jan von Holleben
Publisher: Little Steidl, Göttingen

Object: Six variably sized, hand-stitched books in a portfolio box

Planeta Symmatrius: 48 pages / 30 color images / 15 × 21 cm (6 × 8 in.)
Planeta Visumbra: 16 pages / 7 double-page quadratone images / 27.5 × 18 cm (10 × 7 in.)
Planeta Microidi: 28 pages / 13 double-page color images / 27.5 × 36 cm (10 × 14 in.)
Planeta Florala: 24 pages / 11 double-page color images / 21 × 28 cm (8 × 11 in.)
Planeta Phantafulgeo: 16 pages / 7 double-page color images / 23.5 × 31 cm (9 × 12 in.)
Planeta Isolametro: 12 pages / 5 double-page color images / 27.5 × 18 cm (10 × 7 in.)

Printing: Books and covers were printed by Nina Holland on Little Steidl’s Roland 200 offset-lithographic press using four-color and quadratone processes for the books and a graphite grey ink for the book covers.

Construction: Books are hand-folded and hand-stitched by Nina Holland in Little Steidl’s book workshop in Göttingen.

Availability: International distribution is through Idea Books, Amsterdam and sales in Germany are direct through the publishing house. The hand-stitching will continue over several months until the edition is complete.

ISBN: 978-3-944630-01-4

Contact, press relations
Hermann Feldhaus
Tel. +49 160 9297 7080

Idea Books
Nieuwe Herengracht 11
1011 RK Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Tel. +31 20 622 6154

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The songbook compiles 58 songs from all regions of Europe, with a focus on German and English songs – play songs, animal songs, Seasons songs, songs for parties and celebrations. All songs are singable with German translation. An instrumental sing-a-long CD to get to know and sing along is the book. Another special feature of this song book, are the pictures: The popular Berlin-based photographer Jan von Holleben collaborated with children who are real experts: They like to sing themselves, because they are members of the ensemble VOKALHELDEN (“vocal heroes”) in the choir education program of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra. The VOKALHELDEN can also be heard on the audio CD which is available separately.

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